1. Start /Finish in Noland Street, Lowood adjacent to Lowood Sports Club.
  2. Turn left into Lindermans Road
  3. Turn right into Clarendon Road
  4. At roundabout take Patrick Estate Road 2nd exit.
  5. Proceed 4.5km and turn left into Mahon Road. Mahon Road is narrow – follow to Coominya.
  6. At Coominya turn left into Main Street.
  7. Continue along Main Street into Coominya Connection Rd; continue for 7.2km. Relative straight road with few side roads or houses.
  8. Riders veer left at ‘Y’ junction into Mount Tarampa Road.
  9. Veer left where Mount Tarampa Road; Forest Hill Fernvale Road merge.
  10. Continue 9.3km along Forest Hill Fernvale Road to Lowood.
  11. When entering Lowood proceed up Prospect Street.
  12. Be aware of traffic on left on Park Street.
  13. Descend Prospect Street and passed Lowood School.
  14. At the intersection of Prospect Street & Glamorgan Vale Road proceed left onto Railway Street.
  15. Left into Railway Street and right into Lindemans Road; to start/finish line.